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Flaman Fitness

Progression Pro Club 24 Spin Bike

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Here’s one stationary bike you’ll go far on. With a commercial-grade frame and 24 kg flywheel, the Progression Pro Club 24 Spin Bike easily powers through the toughest spin classes and the most intense training.  

Whether you do it at home or join a class, spinning offers outstanding benefits to anyone willing to jump on and pedal hard. It’s a perfect inside-and-out total body workout - activating muscle groups from your legs to your core and use of hand weights can bring your upper body in on the action. Meanwhile, you’ll achieve cardiovascular benefits like improved blood flow, increased stamina and optimal blood pressure.  While riders’ optimism goes up, their weight comes down with an average of 400 to 600 calories burned in a single spin class. That number only goes up from there, the harder you pedal. And best of all, it's a low impact alternative that still gets you that calorie burn. 

When you do, the Club 24 can take everything you have to give – and demand even more from you with a challenging direct drive system that delivers the same level of resistance whether you pedal forward or backward. Its belt drive runs quiet and smooth, and the extra-large 29” front and rear stabilizers enhance that low-impact feel. Other comfort features include a cushioned ergonomic saddle with comfort groove. Like the handlebars, it offers micro vertical and horizontal adjustment for YOUR ideal ride.  




  • 52.8 lbs. (24 kg) flywheel
  • Micro vertical and horizontal adjustment of handlebars and seat
  • Large easy to use adjustment knobs
  • Belt drive for a silent workout
  • Direct drive - for resistance when pedaling forward and backward
  • Emergency braking system
  • Long life brake pad on top of the flywheel for a more even consistent feel
  • Cushioned ergonomic saddle with comfort groove
  • Extra large 29” front and rear stabilizers for increased stability
  • Levelling pads on front and rear to protect floors and provide a secure feel on uneven surfaces
  • Front transport wheels
  • 2 water bottle holder locations
  • Pedals include toe strap and SPD clips
  • Foot Print: 44”L x 29”W (110 cm x 72.5 cm)
  • Weight: 123.5 lbs. (56.06 kg)
  • Shipping dimensions: 43.5”L x 9.5”W x 34.5” (109 cm x 24 cm x 87 cm)
  • Shipping weight: 134 lbs. (60.86 kg)

Silent Workouts

Belt drive for a silent workout

Emergency braking system

Quickly, and safely halt your workout with the emergency Emergency braking system

Comfortable Seat

Cushioned ergonomic saddle with comfort groove

More Features

Built for convenience
2 water bottle holders, providing easy access for any workout type

Front transport wheels for easy maneuverability

Exercise with peace of mind
Leveling pads on front and rear to protect floors and provide a secure feel on uneven surfaces

Get the most out of your bike
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Amazing Bike. Still feels likes its brand new. I just miss not having a cadence monitor. Bought one seperately but it doesnt seem to work right. Any suggestions?
Review by Bee / (Posted on 2021-02-26)
The last spin bike you’ll ever need
I picked this bike up last year before Christmas on sale.
I was originally wanting something with a display and metrics, but after reading the reviews on this bike I was swayed to give it consideration.

Like another reviewer stated, why pay for something you don’t need. I figure, you can always attach aftermarket cadence sensors and other metrics to the bike which you will be able to upgrade as technology advances. It does come with a holder that fits a cell phone perfectly; (I’d rather look at my cell phone than some archaic LCD display anyway). In addition, I park it in front of a large flat screen TV which is a lot better than some small tablet size display built into the bike which like others have stated can glitch out before the end of the bike’s lifespan.

This bike itself is of commercial grade quality with heavy duty thick steel construction. Beautifully finished in a powder coated black. The only thing plastic on the bike is the gear drive cover. The belt drive is silent and the only noise you hear is the resistance pad rubbing up against the flywheel which is barely audible. So far its been maintenance free and it feels solid when riding it. I can see the Progression Pro Club 24 lasting me 15, 20 if not more years.
Review by Steve / (Posted on 2021-02-18)
This bike is superb. It is strong, sturdy and solid.
Review by faery / (Posted on 2020-07-05)
Couldn't be happier
Really happy with our Progression 24 bike. I use it at home in the evening when the baby is gone to bed and it is super super quiet. Not like the ones at the gym, I think those are on a chain or something.

Lots of adjustments for when my hubby wants to get on. I would have rather a more padded seat but maybe you don't want them on a spin bike. You'll never want to stand up!
Review by Janet from Calgary / (Posted on 2020-05-25)
Very well made. Extremely sturdy, smooth and quiet
I looked at bikes for a long time and accidentally found this one which I purchased second hand in mint condition from a cyclist wanting to use his road bike on a roller rather than use a cycle machine. I think he made a mistake because this bike is no nonsense tank made to outlast the cyclist.
Review by MC / (Posted on 2020-05-04)
4 years in and it is still perfect
This bike gets used in our home every single day for minimum 30 minutes. I am writing this review because I was just sitting here and looked at my wife riding the trainer. It is amazing to me how well this trainer has stood up. Perfectly reliable. Great adjustment options. Moved to this from an indoor trainer for our bikes four years ago. It is silent.
Review by Scott / (Posted on 2020-03-23)
I love this bike
I took this bike for a test drive in store and knew after 5 seconds that it was the one I would be taking home. I have owned this bike for almost 2 years and have logged many hours cycling. This is a solid, high quality bike. It is so quiet that I can ride a high intensity spin class (streamed onto my iPad or phone) and my family can watch tv in the same room without noticing the bike (they hear me breathing and gasping but that’s not the bike’s issue). There aren’t any digital displays or gizmos but that is one of the reasons I picked this bike. I didn’t want to pay for something that I didn’t need which would glitch out before the end of the bike’s lifespan. Looking forward to many more years of cycling on my Club 24!
Review by Krissy / (Posted on 2019-05-04)
Amazing bike
I bought this bike a few months ago to help with my recovery from ACL surgery, Love the sturdiness of it and how smooth it pedals. Adjustments are easily done on the fly without missing a beat. Solid bike - its what you will find in the studios. Easy to stream the live workouts without paying twice the price.
Review by Gram / (Posted on 2018-12-18)
Excellent Bike
We purchased two of these bikes to help in our training during the winter months. At first we were concerned with the price of these bikes, but once we were educated on the quality and got to sit on these bikes we were sold.

The bike itself is of commercial-grade quality. I have seen several of these bikes in gyms locally. I know this investment is great as this bike seems virtually unbreakable. The ride is smooth, and adjusting the bike is quick.

We previously had another cheaper bike from costco, but this bike needed constant repair and the ride and transition between resistance was rough.

I would give this bike 5 stars across the board for value in terms of the quality of equipment you are getting.
Review by Kevin L / (Posted on 2013-05-23)
Nothing can go wrong with this bike
I have looked at numerous spin bikes, and really went the extra mile to find one that will have no issues in the future. I started out wanting a fancy bike with WIFI and fancy programs, and started reading about the reliability issues on such units. I looked at Procor, Livestrong, and Trixster bikes, and many in between. None were near as sturdy at this bike, or solid. Many made noise, did not have clip on peddles, or even had plastic peddles! I was very fortunate and found this bike used for half the cost of a new one, with a whole bunch of virtual biking DVDs.

I am six feet tall with a 38" inseam, and have issues fitting a bike correctly. This bike fits me perfectly! My only issue is I hate the seat, since it is a torture device for a woman (have no clue how men deal with it), but it is very well made and durable. The paint is really nice and sprayed on thick. The welds on the bike are nice, the peddles are excellent. It is super sturdy and the flywheel is extra heavy. I like that it has an emergency brake as well.

I know it has no electronics for anything, but this is good. I know the bike will last for decades without even a hiccup. I have a bunch of virtual biking DVDs and can run them while my hubby watched TV on the other side of the living-room. The bike is totally silent, and that is a huge deal. Many of the bikes I saw, made noise, and that would make me crazy. From what I can see, there is nothing to really to service on this bike. The belt is a heavy duty one, and I cannot see there ever being an issue with it.

I love this bike, it may not have all the fancy things, that many others do out there, but I am cool with that. I feel very confident that the bike will never break. I really love this unit, and it is very nice to ride.
Review by my2rotties / (Posted on 2012-12-09)
superb quality and great easy work out
This spin bike is a work of solid commercial quality. Even before getting on it, you get a sense of its solidity. And never mind comparing to the plastic and gizmo-laden exercise bikes or other bone jarring equipment, even compared to other high quality, brand name spin bikes, this one stands on its own. I'm a big guy with cyclists thighs and this bike did not budge when I'm riding on it. Even standing up and pounding a high resistance with the swaying back and forth, the extra heavy duty and wider stand does not move.

The seat and handle bars adjust easily; and I've got a second softer seat for my wife that I've put onto another seat post c-clamp for quick swaps. The pedals are accurate, the flywheel heavy and smooth, the braking is fast and the sound is pure sweet silence. The only reason to turn up the TV when spinning at speed is to overcome my heavy breathing. Putting it away is simple as tilting the bike forward with the comfortable multi-position handle bars and using 1 hand to guide it along.

The only thing missing is a cadence computer but I've got one on order. Not sure if one can fit a regular bike computer on it.

Go to the Calgary NW store and Alex or Rob will take care of you. Friendly, easy going, no pressure service with the experience of 2 guys that obviously keep fit.
Review by Norm / (Posted on 2011-06-05)
Love this bike
Was looking for a spinkbike before Christmas and was all over the map. Saw some at fitnesstown, cantire and even one at costco. This one was priced okay and it is a belt drive so it's really really quiet. Little squeaks and noises drives me bonkers so I definitely tried this thing out before buying.
Do not regret it one bit.
One suggestion, have a better user manual. The bike is easy to put together and took 5 minutes but it had no details about the bike in the manual. Had to search for it online.
Review by Ed Haddis / (Posted on 2011-05-02)
commercial quality
The owner of my gym bought 20 of these for spin classes from the store in Calgary. After 2 months of using them, I bought my own from the NW location. Rob Weppler gave me a great deal.
Review by susan burle / (Posted on 2011-01-31)

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