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Meet the Team

At Flaman Fitness, we offer an extensive variety of high-quality commercial fitness equipment perfect for your gym. With thousands of items available from top brands in commercial products, you'll want someone with the know-how to connect you with the right equipment for your needs and budget. Meet our dedicated, knowledgable, and friendly Flaman Fitness Commercial Reps who are up to the task.

Clint Pratch

Clint Pratch Picture

When Clint Pratch joined Flaman Fitness in 2009, he brought a lifelong passion for fitness with him. Having already established a reputation as a dedicated personal trainer, Clint applied his talent for motivation to his role as sales associate at the Kelowna store. Continually developing his skills, he earned a promotion to the position of Commercial Accounts Manager.

Today, he’s still motivating people to achieve their goals – supervising bootcamps and leading spin classes. He enjoys weight training, running, playing soccer, dodgeball and watching football. When he’s not busy posting social media videos or helping his clients set up amazing facilities, he’s keeping constant track of the latest developments in the fitness industry.

He is the proud father of two boys and loves his community – devoting his time and effort to local charities and non-profit foundations. Spending time with his family and living an active life are the primary focuses that keep him grounded.

Clint’s positive energy, training experience, equipment expertise, and dedication to fitness education have helped many B.C. interior commercial clients create facilities that not only serve but also inspire their end users.

Dominic Shade

Dominic Shade Picture

Dominic Shade isn’t what you’d call a high-pressure sales type. Growing up, he was an accomplished athlete – excelling in track and working out to keep himself in top form. However, he could be shy and reserved, but his involvement with fitness – particularly his work at Flaman Fitness – would help him gain the kind of confidence he was happy to impart to his clients.

His expertise in fitness landed him a job with one of Flaman’s competitors. He wasn’t comfortable with the emphasis on making the sale as opposed to getting customers what they needed. Upon hearing that the Flaman Fitness sales approach was more in line with his own, Dominic dropped off his resume. By following up on his application, he won the opening he wanted – working with the company’s commercial clients.

He immediately felt comfortable within the Flaman work environment, which afforded him the autonomy to trust his own instincts when working with customers. His affinity with more-reserved clients won the company repeat business. His ability to be direct and honest with less laid-back customers won him respect.

Armed with this confidence, Dominic has served outgoing and less-outgoing customers in the condo market, as well as several schools, police departments, fire departments and large gyms. He knows they all have a background, a story to tell, and a specific set of needs. Listening to and working with the client to meet those needs has helped Dominic forge a reputation for success on his own terms. Now with over 15 years of experience, Dominic has been instrumental in virtually every major commercial project Flaman has undertaken during his time in Calgary. Whether the occasion calls for firmness or a sympathetic ear, Dominic can trust that his expertise, attention to detail and diligent work ethic will give customers confidence in their decision to choose Flaman Fitness.

Leanne Blackwell

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Leanne Blackwell may be a recent arrival at Flaman Fitness, but when she became Commercial Sales Manager for Ontario early in 2019, she brought 30 years of experience with her. Even better, that experience had steeped her in two vital aspects of her new role: fitness expertise and customer service. With an impressive record consulting and working with Ontario organizations to develop, implement and manage their onsite fitness and wellness strategies, she had a solid sense of how to guide Flaman’s commercial customers to their best possible fitness facilities solutions.

All the information gathering, analysis and planning that goes into that process begins with something very simple and straightforward: forging a personal relationship. Understanding the needs of her customers and the end users they serve has always been step one. It’s allowed Leanne to help many gyms, senior centres and other facilities achieve the successful launch, revitalization or service initiatives they’d envisioned.

She’s had some new ground to cover with Flaman Fitness and its equipment-focused perspective. But Leanne’s quickly adapted by treating this as a fresh opportunity to offer her commercial customers even more information and a wider range of potential solutions. They’ve been impressed and so has Flaman Fitness, which recently rewarded Leanne with a promotion to Ontario Regional Manager. It’s a bigger responsibility, but with three decades of experience and an active family life (not to mention the completion of her second duathlon), Leanne has the expertise and the energy to make the most of it.

Mike Neumeier

Mike Neumeier Image

Mike Neumeier doesn’t just uphold Flaman’s high standard for commercial customer service, he helped develop it. He joined the Flaman Group of Companies in 2010, beginning in the Rental Department. A year later, he took the opportunity to focus his energy and skills working in the Commercial Fitness division, where he quickly hit his stride. He was one of the founding pioneers of the Flaman Fitness Commercial division, helping to form an approach to customer service that his kept his department growing for nine years.

His experience-informed opinions are respected by clients and colleagues alike. Based in Edmonton since the beginning, he’s served several clients in the greater Edmonton area as well as surrounding communities extending to the Peace River country and localities north of Red Deer. He’s earned a reputation for honesty and integrity at all stops by respecting his customer’s journey, never being out of reach and providing a seamless service experience for thousand-member gyms and small facilities alike.

Primarily focusing on large fitness centres, condos, hotels, schools, physio clinics, and police and fire departments, he’s worked hard representing the interests of his clientele, and they’ve expressed their appreciation. Mike enjoys making his customers happy and providing them with the best product and customer service value in Alberta.

Nathan Ramsdale

Nathan Ramsdale Image

Born and raised in B.C., Nathan Ramsdale grew up playing sports. This spawned a lifelong passion for fitness and inspired him to earn his personal training certificate in 2008. He next took up a position at Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club in Langley. Just under a year later, he decided to take a leap and start his own business – training customers out of his house before moving to mobile training.

A connection referred him to Flaman Fitness, which Nathan had heard was a growing retailer in B.C. After some thought, he decided to take up the challenge, and he hasn’t regretted it. Joining Flaman Fitness has allowed Nathan to do more than just sell fitness equipment. He also has the opportunity to teach customers and consumers about health and fitness.

Nine years later, Nathan is well acquainted with what it takes to run a business in a changing industry. He believes it’s not just about providing a product but also building relationships. Anyone can pick out fitness equipment from a website or catalogue. Customers need support and the right information to make them successful and competitive. It’s a philosophy that helps Nathan build those strong relationships across his current territory, covering Mainland BC and Vancouver Island.

Nick Lujic

Nick Lujic Image

For Nick Lujic, it’s all about getting better all the time. After a back injury cut short his hockey career, he took a keen interest in his recovery process – studying how muscles work and what certain fitness machines can do to aid the rebuilding process. Over time, his interest in fitness became a passion – and then a career.

He joined Flaman fitness in 2018 as a salesman at the London location. He applied his interest in fitness equipment immediately, studying every machine until he knew which ones worked best for calorie burning, muscle building and rehabilitation. His empathy, personal experience with physio therapy and passion for sharing knowledge would also come into play. Soon the student of fitness became the teacher, educating customers on which machine could help them lose weight, build a lean, strong physique, improve their cardio fitness and recover from injuries and ailments without impacting sore muscles and joints.

His customers did better, and so did Nick – earning a promotion to store manager later that year. He was also rewarded with the return visits of customers who popped by to express their gratitude for the positive impact his expert advice had had on their lives.

After becoming the Flaman Fitness Commercial Rep for Southwestern Ontario, Nick’s challenges changed, but his basic philosophy remained the same. Today his knowledge of fitness machines and how they help people improve is guiding physio therapists, gym owners, personal trainers and first responders as they build up their fitness facilities. Nick might never get to meet the end users enjoying those facilities, but his passion for fitness education will help them get stronger and feel healthier with every visit.