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Flaman Fitness carries commercial recumbent bikes, spin bikes and upright bikes. The different options and bike styles allow all users with varying abilities to get a great cardio workout at your gym or facility.

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Commercial Exercise Bikes at Flaman Fitness

Find all of the best-rated equipment for indoor exercise bikes at Flaman Fitness, Western Canada’s largest fitness store for exercise bikes and one of the largest nationwide with additional locations in Ontario. We carry the best stationary bikes for home exercises, including from top brands.

The selection of indoor stationary exercise bikes at Flaman includes dozens of models of recumbent workout bikes, spinning exercise bikes and upright exercise bikes to provide you with a full range of options to outfit your gym.

Offer your customers choice between the various styles of exercise bikes to suit their workout styles and comfort needs.

Seated exercise bikes, or recumbent exercise bikes, are designed for comfort, offering cushioned seats relatively level to the pedals, allowing the arms to feel relaxed. Flaman Fitness recumbent bikes perfectly combine exercise features and style. Indoor spin bikes simulate outdoor bike-racing outdoor environments by allowing the user to stand up or lean forward for full-bodied workouts to tackle core, legs and upper body. The main benefit of upright bikes is that they most resemble real bike experiences, allowing you to adjust resistance to match different types of “roads”; plus, the upright position of your body perfectly engages midsection and core, giving your abdomen a strong workout in addition to your leg muscles.