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Flaman Fitness provides a great variety of commercial stair steppers. With any stepping device, you can get a toned body and lose weight at the same time all within a matter of weeks. Deliver optimal fitness workouts to your customers ideal for performing long, low-intensity exercises.

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Stepper Machines at Flaman Fitness

Flaman Fitness has some of the best and most unique stair steppers for your at-home gym, corporate gyms, community gyms or even just for tucked away at your office thanks to their compact design and ease of use. At Flaman you can buy exercise stair steppers online or in-store with a selection of brands.

Steppers are a great and easy way for your customers to increase aerobic activity since they’re designed to increase endurance gradually—helping with weight loss with long duration exercises. Stepper machines can help make other exercises feel easier to accomplish.

Steppers simulate the experience of walking up a flight of stairs with the added benefit of resistance control, which means your customers can control the intensity of these simple, low-skills cardio workout at the flick of a button. This process optimizes weight loss, climbing at a brisk pace and toning lower-body muscles, such as glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves.