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TuffStuff Power Cage (CPR-265)

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TuffStuff provides a quality, top-of-the-line Power Cage that is stable, strong and ready for you. With dual bar catches on the front upright, you can face in either direction for your lifts and exercises. The safety spotters are easy to adjust with a lever action pull-pin release. It can be used with benches and is great for any squats, lifts or presses.

TuffStuff Power Cage is Ready - Are you?


  • Free standing double-sided racking system built for safety and variety
  • Dual bar catches on the front upright allow user to face in either direction to perform the exercise
  • Lever action pull-pin release provides fast and easy safety spotter adjustment\
  • Designed for any free style squatting, lifting or pressing and can be used with benches
  • Option: RDA-329 Dip Attachment
  • Option: RHL-305WS High/Low Pulley Kit with 200 lbs. weight stack


Pricey but I think it will be worth it
Was looking for a cage for in home. There were a lot of $400-$600 cages that caught my eye. I did a ton of research and found this tuffstuff model on forums. I didn't pay full pop for this but it still was quite a bit more than the other $600 cages out there.
I am really happy with this one.

-Adjustable spotter is lever/spring controlled: you can adjust spotter bar with one hand and even while lying flat on a bench press.
-The steel is a certain kind that is peel resistant. I'm not sure about this because it'll prob. take years for a normal one to peel.
-Dip attachment is available; which you would expect any to have (not sure if it's a HUGE pro)
-Sliding action for front spotters are very very smooth, even after 6 months of use.
-Lifetime warranty on everything: This sold me on this unit. My buddy has a 2 year old cage that has definitely seen better days. The knobs on his to slide the spotter have been bent over time and are not covered under his warranty.

-Very pricey for residential use.
-Dip attachment has to be removed before bench pressing: This one is a design flaw. When you bench press, the round plates will hit the dip attachment at the back if you do not remove them.
-Dip attachment pins: I'm not sure if there is a better system out there but these have those pins you have to force in and out to click. Same kind of silver pins you use to hook up different pieces of farm equipment. Looks like a giant letter R with a bump in the middle.
-Setup was a nightmare because of an unclear step. I put some of the spotters on the back when they were supposed to go on the front (there are 2 different kinds of spotters) and then put the top piece on and tightened everything. It took an extra hour by myself to backtrack. The instructions should be more clear on this possible mixup?

All in all this cage has treated me well. I do not regret the decision and if one major piece breaks the lifetime warranty will have paid for itself.
Review by Advin Mohinder / (Posted on 2011-05-30)
$1199? Great Price!
I don't have this piece but I have Tuff Stuff Power Rack and I just noticed that this piece has a Lat pull bar and Cables! For not much more then what I spent for my Tuff Stuff Rack.. BTW Tuff Stuff is its name...
Review by Joe Wieder / (Posted on 2011-02-08)
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