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Flaman Fitness

POP Ratchet Carbon Fibre Paddle


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Say so long to too long – and too short, too. The highly adjustable POP Ratchet Paddle allows you to convert a single paddle into the right paddle for a spectrum of different-sized riders and uses in a variety of conditions. You can shorten it for surf paddling or lengthen it for standing tall in calm water during some easy paddling. It's the paddle for experienced boarders and kids just starting out. In fact, you'll get 21 adjustable sizes from one paddle – talk about versatile!

It's lightweight but built to be impressively strong. POP's o3 Science Team designed, tested and approved this stand up paddle boarding paddle to do a stand-up job for three different riding styles. They wanted to give you something much more reliable than the carbon fibre veneer that other SUP paddles just glide by on. The POP Ratchet paddle is crafted from the ground up with an ultra-strong carbon-fibre mesh weave that makes their paddles as light as they are strong – so you can ride longer, harder, and faster. The blade is fortified by ABS technology, including an ABS edge that gives it the rigidity and durability to better resist cracking, chipping and puncturing while it takes a beating under punishing conditions like low tide, rocks and coral reefs. 


Blade Dimensions: 

Blade Width:  8 inches 

Blade Surface: 90 square inches 

Angle: 10.5 degrees 

Weight: 25 ounces 


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