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Matrix Fitness

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Why Matrix? It’s Simple - Technology, Programs, Durability.

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Technology - Virtual Active

In addition to workouts and apps like My Fitness Pal, Facebook, and Netflix, the XER and XIR Consoles have Virtual Active technology. Virtual Active uses high-definition footage and coordinated ambient sounds right on your console, to let you experience running past a geyser in Yellowstone National Park, or through Northern France.

Programs - Sprint 8

All Matrix consoles come with workout programs PLUS Sprint 8. Sprint 8 is a science-based cardio workout program that's been proven to boost energy, reduce body fat, promote lean muscle mass and improve cholesterol in just 8 weeks. Each 20-minute Sprint 8 workout contains only four minutes of high-intensity exercise per workout, and helps release Human Growth Hormone naturally. This is the hormone that gives you that energy, muscle mass, fat loss, and it helps prevent wrinkles too.

Spirit 8 graph showing 20 minute workout consisting of 8 30 second sprints broken up by seven 90 second active recovery intervals with a 3 minute warm up at the start and a 2.5 minute cool down at the end

Want to learn more about Sprint 8? Check out our blog post here.


Matrix equipment is durable and will last. Customize your equipment by choosing from 3 consoles to get the best machine for you, your goals, and your budget. Upgrade to the XER or the XIR console and save an additional $75-$100!

Now is the time to buy a Matrix treadmill, bike, elliptical or ascent trainer. Browse the products below or head into your local store today!

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