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Flaman Fitness
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Progression Fitness Club 40 Bike


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It’s hard to believe a spin bike this powerful can stay anchored to one spot! The newly redesigned Progression Fitness Club 40 Spin Bike offers superior construction, features and performance to spin class members and home users alike. Its heavy-duty frame welcomes the sweat from a tough workout, as it is double powder-coated to prevent rust and corrosion.

Sweat will occur when you meet the on-screen challenge of 16 levels of resistance. A single lever allows you to shift through them all, while you take a driving, low-impact sprint on standard SPD pedals. A drop-down handlebar gives you that road bike feel option and also doubles as a dual water bottle cage for those fluids you’ll want to replenish.  

The ride just got a log more fun for riders who like to stay connected while they spin. You can now hook up an optional tablet holder above your five-colour console. It’s a handy addition to a bike that offers built-in Bluetooth connectivity – your access to top apps like Zwift, Kinomap, Wahoo and Vortec, which comes free with your progression bike.  

Spinning can give any participant a lot more than a vigorous ride. All that pedalling improves blood flow, stamina and blood pressure while toning muscle groups from your legs to your core – and additional hand weights can bring those benefits to your upper body, as well. It’s known to provide mood elevation beyond realizing all the great things you’re doing for your whole body – which will get you trimmer and trimmer with 400 to 600 calories burned in an average session. That’s before you really kick it up.  

When you do, the Club 40 picks up on the extra wattage your intensity generates – and lets you know it via a colour change on your interactive monitor. This feature enables spin class instructors to call out the leaders of the pack, while home users can bask in the instant glow of another milestone passed.  



  • Max user weight: 375lbs
  • Flywheel weight: 31lbs.
  • Brake: Magnetic braking system
  • Silent Poly-V belt with anti-skip pedaling
  • Dual sided SPD pedals
  • Racking Drop-down handle bar
  • Dual water bottle cages
  • Interactive screen included
  • 46"L 22"W 51" H
  • Display calculates wattage
  • Display shows levels, calories, speed, distance, RPM, time and pulse
  • 32 levels of resistance
  • Wireless heart rate compatible
  • Adjustable handlebars (vertical and horizontal)
  • Adjustable seat post (vertical and horizontal)
  • Transport wheels for mobility
  • Toe cages included with pedal strap
  • Features QuickStart and programmable time and distance goals

Optional: Cell phone mounting bracket


Dual sided SPD pedals

handle bars drop-down

Racking Drop-down handle bar with dual water bottle cage

Poly-V Belt

Silent Poly-V belt with anti-skip pedaling

More Features

Interactive LCD Screen

  • Display shows levels, calories, speed, distance, RPM, time, wattage, and pulse.
  • Features QuickStart and programmable time and distance goals
  • Calculates wattage

Optional tablet holder
Built-in Bluetooth connectivity
Transport wheels for mobility

Toe cages included with pedal strap

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Awesome spinner
Wife wanted a spin bike when all of the studios closed down. We read good reviews on this model and we're happy we went with it. The bike is super super quiet and is very easy to use. It just seems like it's built very well and we haven't had a single concern or issue for the 8 months we've owned it. My neighbor has bought the same model and is loving it 3 weeks in as well.
Review by Aaron W. / (Posted on 2021-07-16)
Great bike, with great value for the market.
With Gyms closed, and in general wanting more convenient exercise available to us at home we decided a Spin bike was the most efficient for use of space, size and efficiency (not needing to plug in). Given our experience, with equipment we looked at reviews, types of bikes to really find what we wanted, the go to for type and size was the Keiser m3/m3i series, that I had experience with also, but the high cost (3000-3300) seemed high and prohibitive to us. So we looked at the other options, which included this bike, echelon and peloton. After doing the research and seeing and trying the bikes in person (or in the club 40s case its close type 30) we decided to order the club 40.
It came in about 5 weeks later. (Flaman gave us an excellent price on the bike with the tablet holder.)
We have only had it set up about a week now so if we see any issues I will edit my review.
But a week in I find the bike to be of quality equal to the Keiser bikes, with the only things I can note being the up/down movement of the handlebars and the ability to move the handle bars back is a bit more limited than the keiser m3i (only by about 3"), and the water bottle carrier does stick out further than it needs to.
But this is still a high end gym quality bike, that can be had for a much lower or the same cost than its competitors with as good or better quality, with the amenities, of wireless connectivity, water bottle and tablet holder, full adjustability and pedals that can use regular or clip shoes. The welding and wiring is clean and the flywheel is an excellent weight.
If you want a good bike for the home, Progression Fitness is the way to go.
Review by Jackson17 / (Posted on 2021-01-09)
Very Good Ride
This bike is very smooth, adjustment for tension are solid. Overall bike is very Solid. The computer log should have a running totals log so when you re-set you don't lose everything.
Also heart rate monitor off by a considerable amount. Lastly, the seat distance to bars should adjust more to the rider. Tons and tons of outward distance. But not enough back to rider.
I'm not a short guy by any means. But the bike seems to be able to adjust for a person seven feet tall! Get a little hard on the neck, and not really able to use tri bars effectively.
Review by Dick / (Posted on 2020-12-10)
Best value for the price
My wife and I were looking for a spin bike similar to the ones in our class but not wanting to spend $2500. We found the Club40 at our local store and after a few weeks researching, decided to pull the trigger. We couldn't be happier.
The setup was extremely easy. Took me less than 1.5 hours. The lever magnetic changer is much better than the knob one we have at the gym (pain in the ass when you're doing HIIT on the bike). And we didn't know this but the model we bought was a 2020 model so we ended up getting a chromecast and streaming ZWIFT virtual maps to the big screen. Super fun racing against other people and it's been a life saver since COVID shut down Amy and her class. Miss the social bit but I think it might be funner with the zwift app.
Review by Eduardo Anker / (Posted on 2020-11-23)
The Progression Spin Bike itself is a solid 5 star. The brand loses rating due to the application that is provided as part of the bundle. Will not allow the user to pair the bluetooth sensors with the application. Alternatively, it synchronizes easily wit
To the vendor, please improve the bike computer. Needs alot of work. The user should be able to use the bike computer and application simultaneously. Not either or.
Anyone in the market for fitness equipment - Shoutout to FlamanFitness!! Please go see Great team and knowledgeable of the products they carry. Worth the trip.
Review by Markus / (Posted on 2020-11-15)
Club 40 progression is one of the best !!
Love it, I’ve been spinning for over 15 years, all over BC & AB Cycling clubs and I’ve yet to find a bike as smooth or more solid than my Progression, a lil more expensive but you definitely get what you paid for! I love it!
Review by Nance / (Posted on 2020-07-13)
Love it!
We've put about 16 hours on this bike since setting it up 23 days ago. It's strong, almost silent, and versatile. We use it with the Peloton app, which helps with motivation. We replaced the saddle with something more comfortable, but otherwise we couldn't be happier. What a great investment in our health and sanity!
Review by Maria / (Posted on 2020-04-27)
We're very happy!
Our Progression 40 was delivered just yesterday, and we both used it this morning. It's unbelievably quiet and smooth. Has lots of adjustment to fit us both, and feels like it will last forever. We're using the Peloton app for classes, which adds plenty of variety and interest, without the excessive cost.
Review by Maria McCanuck / (Posted on 2020-04-04)
Excellent all round
I love this thing.its very quiet. It was easy to assemble and the computer recognized my polar h10 without any need to sink it. It did come with a heartrate chest strap but I already had the h10.
Review by Jwin / (Posted on 2019-03-31)
Nice Aggressive Bike
Seven years ago I bought an upright bike, however spin bikes were becoming popular. This bike is probably third generation. It has the magnetic drive system and a digital tension display. It is the most solid bike I have seen. Now if you go with Peloton than that bike offers unbeatable display content but it is very expensive but worth looking into. Here this bike is very competitive if you push for 45, 50, and 60 minute workouts. You will very likely achieve your bodies limitations. The ride is smooth and you can feel the difference as you increase the tension even by one single increment after reaching your comfort zone. It is sensitive, which means that it is also accurate. The lean of this bike is aggressive, and I slightly tilted my bike seat forward, just a bit and that made sense to me to do. I usually bike leaning on the handle bars or else sitting up without hands. The upright standing position seemed awkward because the handle bars are out of reach. I have come to believe that the lighter and more athletic body types would prefer this aggressive forward lean because they can stay down on the handles longer and also have better balance leaning forward when sprinting/racing. I am overweight but I am now accustomed to the bike. It is takes a much greater toll on the cardio vascular system than the old upright bike but that is what I wanted.
Review by Dean / (Posted on 2019-02-23)
Solid Bike and very quiet...
We were going to use a trainer on our bikes but that is a pain off and on , so we decided on this bike , expensive but well worth the money, we use it watching Garmin bike videos on the big screen.
Review by dudley / (Posted on 2018-12-24)
Worth the Price
The Club 40 feels like a top dollar gym bike - in fact it feels better than some gym bikes I've been on. This thing is solid. The peddles it came with look ok but I did swap them with my road bike peddles because my bike shoes have unusual clips. I like the color changing interactive screen and I like the color of the bike - black - it looks cool in my man-cave.
Review by Cave Dweller / (Posted on 2018-11-24)

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