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Flaman Fitness

Progression Fitness PFX FT Max Functional Trainer

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Do a comprehensive workout in one spot.

The Progression Fitness PFX FT Max Functional Trainer is the all-in-one solution for home gym enthusiasts and personal trainers with a lot to do but limited floor space – bringing the features of several strength-training machines together in one remarkable, heavy-duty machine. 

Into training for strength, power or bodybuilding? Looking for more muscular endurance, glycolytic efficiency, plyometric benefits, and fast-twitch/slow-twitch muscle development?  Whether you prefer compound or isolation exercises, concentric or eccentric (Negative) muscle actions, or whether you’d just like to get some versatile training in and learn all the fitness benefits later, this could be the machine for you.

The PFX FT Max Functional Trainer offers the number of exercise options you’d usually only get by walking from machine to machine to machine. Now you can walk up to one machine and reap the benefits of several:

  • Smith Machine: Can’t get a gym buddy or a spotter to watch out for your safety while you do your squats, front squats, lunges, standing calf raises, shrugs, upright rows and more? The PFX Max offers the convenience of a Smith Machine, with commercial-grade guide rails that provide a smooth, straight, frictionless lift plus a safe lock and release mechanism to provide a safety catch whenever you need one.
  • Power Rack: If you want to add some free weight barbell exercises into your workout, this trainer comes with a 7’ Olympic bar and sturdy J-hooks to rest it on. These j-hooks are easy to detach and re-attach, providing stable and secure support as you raise or lower them through several height options, enabling a variety of exercises.  If you’d like to vary your barbell selection, Flaman Fitness offers a wide selection of durable bars for weightlifting and CrossFit training.
  • Functional Trainer: Perform dozens of exercises thanks to swivelling pulleys, and adjustable height positions for your shoulder, arms, chest, back, core and leg cable workouts. With fluid cable movement and plentiful attachments, you’ll always have plenty to do – in comfort and safety.
  • Ergonomic Multi-grip Chin up / Pull Up Station: Prefer building strength by using your own body weight as resistance? The PFX Max Trainer offers multiple handholds for a wide variety of exercises, including pull-ups, chin-ups, wide grip pull-ups, and reverse grip pull-ups.
  • Dip Station: Why just pull your weight up when you can push it, too? Dips are an excellent way to develop your chest, front deltoids, and triceps. This trainer’s multi-grip dip station handles allow you to switch muscle targeting by widening or narrowing your grip. Multiple adjustment positions can raise or lower your starting point and allow you to up your intensity by adding power bands or more weights.
  • Vertical Leg Press Plate: How about those thighs, calves, hamstrings and glutes? It’s a good time to ask because right now, in the PFX Max spirit of optimum functional training value, we’re doing your legs a special favour. For a limited time, we’re including the usually optional vertical leg press plate at no extra charge. This premium addition allows you to do a supine leg press with multiple stance variations – allowing you to target specific muscle groups. And since the press works on a smith, you can lock out the bar by simply rotating your ankles after that final rep. So get busy and give your lower body equal time.

Add an adjustable bench from our fine Flaman Fitness selection, and incorporate the bench press, incline bench press, decline bench press, military press, press behind neck and more into your routine.


Frame Material
Q235 Stainless steel
Weight Stack (lbs)
Lat Exercise
Chin-up Bar
High/Low Pulley
Low Pulley
Cable Cross Over
Smith Machine
Adjustable Front Squat Rack
Bench Included
Bench Features
Attachments Included
Olympic Bar, Lat Pulldown bar, Safety Support Bars, Bicep Bar, 3 ft Rotational Bar, Dip Bar Attachment, J-hooks, Tricep Rope, Chain, Low Row Bar, Vertical Leg Press Plate, Footrest,
Attachments Extra
Max User Weight (lbs)
Footprint - Length
Footprint - Width (inches
Footprint - Height (inches)
Machine Weight (lbs)
1 Year

Functional Trainer

Fluid cable movement, swivelling pulleys, and adjustable height positions allow you to Perform dozens of shoulder, arms, chest, back, core and leg exercises in comfort and safety.

Safety Features

The PFX FT Max offers a safe lock and release mechanism on the Smith bar, safety spotter arms and J-hooks on the cage when you need to set your barbell down quickly.

Vertical Leg Press Plate

This leg press plate, usually a premium option, comes standard and allows you to do supine leg presses with multiple stance variations and target specific muscle groups.

More Features

Plenty of Accessories


  • 7ft Olympic bar
  • Lat pulldown bar
  • 36” training bar
  • One pair of safety spotter arm with 850 lbs capacity
  • Tricep curl bar,
  • Ankle strap
  • One pair of J-hooks.
  • Eight-link extension chain
  • 1 pair of cable handles
  • 1 pair of Olympic spring clips
  • Pre-training Row Handle



Excellent gym, but do your homework!
I waited to write this review until I had been using this product for some time. It has been almost 9 months so I think I can give an educated opinion.
Over all, a really great home gym. It has everything you could want with the two cables, the smith, the ability to use it as a rack with j hooks and safety arms along with a ton of accessories including the Olympic bar. I have made lots of gains through gym closures with this unit and am very happy with it. I would recommend it to anyone looking to put in a serious home gym.
There are, however, a few things to note before purchasing.
1) this unit is TALLER than stated in the specs; by two inches. May not be an issue for you but if like me, you didn't have a full 96", you will definitely want to take a measure.
2) There is no counterbalance on the smith, so the bar is the full 45lbs plus the weight of the smith attachments so almost 55lbs is the weight of the smith bar. Smiths at gyms usually have a counter balance so bars feel much lighter. I asked the sales person the weight of the smith bar and was told 25lbs. This isn't the case.
3) You have to be pretty creative to understand the assembly instructions. Ask a friend to help and it will go much smoother.
4) Have a good silicone lubricant on hand to ensure the cables are smooth.
5) be prepared for outrageous delivery charges or to take a day off work to go and pick up the unit from a distribution facility. I was originally quoted around $2,000 for curbside delivery from a facility that was 45 minutes from my home.
6) really count the hardware. I was short a few pieces and had a few pieces that were defective. Getting replacements was not simple
Overall I really like my gym and am glad I got it. It's functioning really well after nearly a year. It's really nice to be able to get a quality training session at home. I am disappointed in the customer service and the lack of knowledge of the product from Flaman sales people. I don't know that I'd shop there again based on my experience when purchasing this product.
Review by Lindsay Mac / (Posted on 2022-04-23)
Unbelievable value
No idea something like this existed. It's an all in one everything you need! It comes with numerous attachments. A smith machine. A free standing olympic bar. Plate stacked dual pulleys that adjust up and down. The pullup bar of course. A leg foot anchor for doing low rows. A landmine attachment. And a leg press plate for doing upside down leg presses (haven't used this one yet).
Super happy we went with this unit. Good thing I've built my fair share of bbqs because this sucker isn't a walk in the park. So many different pieces and stations shows when it comes to build time. Probably took me 3-4 hours in between beers to build. Would have taken my roomate 2 weeks!
Review by Karl Gong / (Posted on 2021-10-06)
Great product for great price.
Review by Eaden / (Posted on 2021-09-16)
Excellent Home Smith machine
It took an hour and a half to put together, instructions are very much a guessing game. But if you are mechanically inclined it’s no problem
I set it up on some hardwood flooring I bought at Costco with rubber matting over the top
The pillows are smooth the smith bar slides easily
Lots of weights in the stacks
Review by Scott / (Posted on 2021-07-20)
Best bang for your buck
I am super happy with this unit. I was lucky enough to get on the first batch that came in. Thankfully it's been a week or two before leaving this review, otherwise I would have left less stars because it was a pain in the butt to setup. Instructions are mediocre, building difficulty is probably a 6/10 but it took me probably 5 or 6 hours to build in total.
Every single part is wrapped up, which is great to protect it but probably overkill. Maybe took an hour to get everything opened and garbage in a bag. I'm not super handy or anything but have built my fair share of ikea furniture. 5-6 hours just seems like it's too long. Like they could have pre-assembled some items.

Otherwise, I'm super happy about the unit. The leg press plate is a very cool idea and I've used it to target my calfs and do a really high ROM squat with my back supported on a bench. The smith bar and cables are smooth as the one at my gym. The plate storage is oddly at the back. I guess it makes it easier to walk beside the unit with the plates stored on the back but the gym is in a pretty tight area in my garage. I think I'd rather them on the side, although it looks kickass having them on the back and the view from the side is clean.
Jacked about all of the attachments included. The free olympic bar is just so-so but they include it because the frame's spotter arms are so far apart. I have an 84" and 86" bar at home. The 86" barely fits the spotter arms and the 84" does NOT fit. Not a big deal because it comes with an 86" bar with longer shaft and shorter collars to make it fit with more room on the sides to rack the bar. And do yourself a favour and get some rubber mats to put underneath the cage.
Review by Gary Insig / (Posted on 2021-04-05)

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