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Flaman Fitness

Xebex Runner with Smart Connect

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If you want to save your home energy while increasing your own, the Xebex Runner with Smart Connect puts you on a strong footing to get it done.

This motorless, self-generated, curved treadmill uses no electricity. Instead, it’s powered by your own movement – and you don’t have to be an elite athlete to get it going and keep it going.  The Xebex Runner was made to give beginners and competitors alike the ability to run at a desired speed and to increase or decrease your output without having to toggle between minimum and maximum settings. That’s the result of some innovative considerations of user needs. 

The Xebex Runner is designed to have the largest "sweet-spot" and best responsiveness available – making it easier for runners to keep the same pace, ramp it up to an all-out sprint, or slow down to a low-speed jog or walk when necessary. Its 10mm thick, low-impact, shock-absorbing, vulcanized rubber running surface provides the runner less impact for more comfort and less impact during long distance runs and all-out sprints. The curved deck design is as much about safety as it is about controlling your speed. It’s precisely designed to keep you feeling stable when you’re going flat out – giving you confidence that you won’t slip because the deck is outpacing your legs and feet. You’ll also feel in control when you slow down – thanks to high-quality bearings and a slight angle that resemble running on a track much more than running on sand.

Last but not least, the Xebex’s Runner’s overall design is proven to burn 30% more calories than that of traditional, motorized treadmills.

Stay Informed and Stay Connected

The Xebex Runner is built with long distance runs and HIIT (high intensity interval training) in mind. So information on your time, calories burned, distance, speed, watts, RPM, and pace is always as close as your console. You’ll also have access to a number of available heart-rate and interval programs.

The Smart Connect Ecosystem takes the info sharing on your console a step further – with connectivity to these top third-party Bluetooth and ANT+ apps.


Motor Horsepower (HP)
Speed Min.
User Determined
Speed Max.
User Determined
Incline Max.
Incline Min.
# of Programs
Multiple heart-rate and interval programs available
Mobile App Available
iOS & Android
Connection Type
AUX Input
Heart Rate Monitor
Display Type
Display Windows: Resistance Level, Time, Heart rate, Speed (KM or Mi), Distance (M or Mi), Watts, Calories, Pace (Minutes per KM/MI), RPM, and more
TV Screen
Optional Upgrade
Water bottle holder on frame/Phone holder on frame and console tray,
Walking Surface Length (inches)
Walking Surface Width (inches)
Treadmill Belt Length (inches)
Treadmill Belt Width (inches)
Max User Weight (lbs)
350 (run) 700 (walk)
Footprint - Length
Footprint - Width (inches
Footprint - Height (inches)
Machine Weight (lbs)
Plug-in Requirements
2 years parts, 5 years frame

Smart Connect Ecoystem

Enhance your HIIT, long-distance and other training with connectivity to leading third-party apps using Bluetooth and ANT+ technology.

Ergonomic Running Surface

The Xebex Runner has the largest "sweet-spot" and best responsiveness available. The track is 10mm thick, with a shock-absorbing vulcanized rubber surface for low-impact runs.

Easy to Maintain

The Xebex Runner uses 4x Pillow block bearings, which can be changed in 5 minutes without removing any parts from the internal frame. Other machines using ball bearings can require 4 hours of labor for maintenance.

More Features


  • Display Windows show time, heart rate, speed (in KMs or miles), distance (in M or Mi), watts, calories, pace (minutes per KM/MI), RPM, and more
  • Functions: Interval, Pace, Target Finish Time, Target Distance, Target Calories, Split Time, and more
  • Console also records history, including Total Run Time, Distance, A summary at the end of your workouts shows Total Calories, Max Speed, and more
  • Set interval work programs by Time, Distance, or Calories
  • Set a Target Time, Distance, Calories, or Heart Rate
  • You can improve previous benchmarks by setting "Target Time + Distance." The console will actively remind you if you're "on pace" or need to run "faster" in order to finish the targeted distance within the targeted time.
  • Set "Event Mode" to easily manage competitions and athlete testing
  • The console is compatible with a variety of smartphone apps and group leaderboard software


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