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Post by: Chandell Tytlandsvik

Ready to do Anything... Even Mudd!

Last week I was in Toronto for a very quick 24 hours doing my training with The Shopping Channel. Honestly, it was so helpful and I was really glad it was done two weeks in advance. If you're curious, I did cry when telling my story to my trainer... when I am nervous and speaking to someone that doesn't already know me trying to explain who I was, it just crushes me. 

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Post by: Kathleen Trotter

Take your workout to the next level with pyramid sets

The body is highly adaptive; if you always do the same workout it will stop responding. Eventually, you will hit a fitness plateau. Plus, who wants to repeat the same routine day in and day out? I know I don't. The standard "three sets of twelve to fifteen reps" is fantastic if you have been training for less than six months, you have an injury or if you are prone to injuries. If you are healthy and have a training base of six months or more, you need to mix things up if you want to continue to get stronger and see further results. Try "pyramid sets" – they are an effective yet simple way to add variety to a workout.  

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