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Post by: Chandell Tytlandsvik

Challenges are what make fitness fun

You know that feeling when someone does something and they make it look soooo easy, you all of a sudden think you can do it too? Well, this happened to me. If you follow me on Instagram (@its.chandell) you would have seen the video I posted of my billet doing a handstand, then me trying immediately after. Let me tell was not pretty, well actually his was, mine was awful.

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Post by: Kathleen Trotter

Make the most of small spaces!

Clients often tell me that they can't work out at home because they don't have the storage or floor space. I think they associate home gyms with rogue stability balls and weight machines doubling as a TV table. You don't need a ton of space—or a ton of money—to set up a home gym. You can work your entire body with a resistance band, a doorframe attachment, some free weights and your own bodyweight.  A home gym doesn't have to invade your home!

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