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Life in the Fast Pitch Lane

Summer is a busy season for almost everyone, for me it means spending an average of 5 nights a week on the diamond. I laced my first pair of cleats at the age of five and I haven't looked back. Softball is a sport predominately played by women; it's a popular summer past time and has many health and fitness benefits.

A guest blog by Callie Tweedie, Graphic Designer for the Flaman Group of Companies (the parent company to Flaman Fitness)

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Building more than muscle - community

Guest blog by Mike Henschel, Flaman Fitness, Saskatoon . . . .

Summertime in Saskatoon is a wonderful opportunity to see the city's beauty with the river banks, gorgeous parks and bike trails all over. One outdoor activity I enjoy is hitting the diamond. There's nothing like tying up my ball shoes on the bench, look up and see the shale infield surrounded by the freshly trimmed emerald-green, grass outfields protected by a fence that acts like a goal for so many.

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