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Flaman Fitness helps Canadians live healthier, more active lives, by providing cardio workout equipment and home gym equipment plus advice from our expert staff. We are proud to be one of Canada's largest chains of retail home fitness, leisure, and healthcare equipment.


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8 Steps to Stay Healthy on Your Next Flight

Flying is hard on the body; the food is usually fairly nutritionally vapid, the air quality leaves much to be desired, and sitting in the downright uncomfortable chairs is almost unbearable. Plus, traveling disrupts healthy habits -- which, for most of us, are hard to form and oh so easy to break. The trick is -- as with everything to do with health -- to always brainstorm possible solutions in advance, come up with a plan of action, cultivate mindfulness and own your choices. Instead of looking for excuses, look for solutions!

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4 Ways to Use a Medicine Ball

I love using medicine balls. Well, really, I like playing with all fitness toys β€” variety is key when it comes to keeping a workout fun and challenging. Medicine balls are a particular favourite β€œtoy” because they are extremely versatile β€” they can replace dumbbells, make traditional exercises more dynamic, allow for partner fun, and add a balance challenge.

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