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Don’t just survive this holiday season...thrive!

The holidays can be stressful. December becomes nothing but holiday eating, obligations, and shopping; we wake up January 1st exhausted, drained, and unhealthy. This feeling is not inevitable. It may be unrealistic to try to lose weight in December, BUT you don't have to gain weight either.

Yes, making healthier choices can be tricky in social situations, but it is possible to adopt a healthier lifestyle and still socialize — it just takes some mindfulness, preparation, creativity, and most importantly, a really good PLAN!

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Try boxing to mix up your workout routine

Are you tired of your regular workout routine or looking at a screen on a bike for hours on end to get results? Picking weights up and putting them down, over and over? Why not try boxing! This does NOT mean you have get in the ring and get your face and body punched in. Boxing is a whole body work out that can shed the pounds, leaving you looking and feeling great!

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