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Chandell Tytlandsvik

 Chandell Tytlandsvik Chandell is a Saskatchewan mom whose fitness journey, full of ups and downs, eventually brought her success – losing 105 pounds in less than a year. Her success, surprisingly, led her to become a North America-wide star of a Bowflex TreadClimber advertising campaign in early 2015. Now, she maintains her healthy life and shares her experience in this blog. Chandell says “I am not a trainer... I am not a nutritionist… I am an everyday super average mom trying to balance it all. Knowing that fitness doesn't have an end number to reach or time you stop – it’s every day making a conscious effort to be better for yourself and for your family. We only get one life and I want to be happy, healthy and kind in mine!” Her weight loss journey can be seen at her archived personal blog or you can follow her on Instagram @its.chandell

​​TSC is bringing me back for round 3!

Sharing my story with others and the success that the treadclimber gave me, is something I truly enjoy doing. This machine changed my life. It gave me results, it showed me I could do this and it's been almost 3 years and I've kept it off. I can't tell you how humbling and just great I feel doing it, knowing that people are hearing my story and thinking - I could do that too. It warms my heart in a way I can't explain.

One of the best things about being active is how it influences my son

Being four now, literally everything he sees he does or mimics or wants to try. Which trust me can be frustrating at times since he literally had no fear. But it makes me excited when it comes to him seeing me workout.

Penn has been in lacrosse which just wrapped up on the weekend- and watching him out there made me so proud. Penn knows what it's like to run or workout, so out there he was always running, always participating, and just always giving it 100%. Truly can't tell you how special that is to see.

He also everytime I'm working out will come down and ask if he can workout with me or will tell me I'm sweaty and doing a good job.

Making the change as daunting as it seems, is always worth it

And I instantly knew I had to share it with all you. Change is scary, and the idea of failing or making the wrong choice is even scarier. But what I can tell you is starting, and making the change as daunting as it seems, is always worth it.

As much as before actually starting the workout sucks or finding the motivation to just do it is hard... After I promise you no one ever thinks 'wow I really wish I didn't do that workout' No after you always feel way better, even if it's a sore better.

Week 2

I don't know why I wasn't smiling in this picture, but regardless I am on week 2 of my new workout plan and eating right and it's going so great!

It's amazing how quickly you can get back into a great grind once your head is in it and your routine is there. This is why I have always said you need to 'want it' if you arn't it will just continue to be the motions and you won't be pushing yourself.

Re-start - round 2

You know when you get in a rut and you try to get out of it and then you might not necessarily fall back in but you can see your not quiet going the direction you want to .... Well this is what happened to me.

Life happened I got busy and then I was ready to get back on track- ready to start back again. And I would.. But then I would struggle to get into a good routine. I ended up hurting my shoulder on the trampoline so that has been all sorts of not fun with lots of chiro-ing and massage therapy.

Life Happens for Everyone

I am a true believer of fitness should be a part of your life, not your whole life. Balance is important and sometimes even though you have the best intentions life runs away on you and you don't get your workout in.

Guess what- thats ok, there is no point beating yourself up and getting down on yourself when you can just make a plan and start fresh.

My last 30 days have been crazy.. Meaning my workouts have been very sporadic and my posts not there.

Sometimes looking good, helps you feel good

If you guys haven't figured it out, I LOOOVE workout clothes. Its actually pretty embaressing how much I wear 'athletic wear' when I am not being 'athletic'

Like if you think leggings arn't pants, I am not sure we can be friends, because I would say I own 80% 'gym' clothes' and then 20 percent regular people clothes. I won't even say a number because well ..its slightly embaressing. haha I joke, I joke. But kind of serious. haha. Truth being told sometimes I do still like wearing jeans but chances are if you run into me around town, dropping Penn off at preschool or at the rink I am in leggings, a hat and probably a sweater that's a couple sizes to big. It's like boho chic..but actually just comfy, kind of just ran out of the door.

My review of the new Bowflex TreadClimber TC100

Let me start by saying I have had my model the TC10 for three years, its the model I lost all my weight with, its the model I continued to use after my weight loss. In the three years I have had my treadclimber not once did I have any issues with it. So when the new upgraded models were released in December of 2015 I didn't 'need' a new model but I love this machine so much that I couldn't wait to have one! So to start if your wondering if I think the TC10 is a great option, 100% I will always love that machine.

My Second Shopping Channel Experience

I never in a 100 years would have thought people would respond to my story like this, that someone would say things like 'your an inspiration' or that you could 'have results like me'. I really don't have words, it's so honouring and humbling.

I always say it, to me I'm a super average person. I am awkward and silly and even a touch outrageous sometimes. I don't look like a fitness model or pretend to be one, but I do just love telling people about this machine because for what it did for me and if people can relate to me that is something that I will never find words for because it's so amazing and surreal to me.

How I've been preparing to be on The Shopping Channel again

Come Saturday night I will be on The Shopping channel for my first LIVE show at 10 pm.
I'm nervous
I'm excited
I'm anxious

Now this time I feel much more relaxed with knowing what to expect and where I'm going and all that from when I went in September. Yet this time there is twice the shows and product so I am just feeling more nervous that way.

So how have I been preparing?