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How Do You Get In On The Savings?

  1. Visit your nearest Flaman Fitness location and purchase one of the qualifying pieces of fitness equipment.
  2. Weigh in at the store
  3. Work hard in the next six months exercising on your new equipment and eating right
  4. Return to Flaman Fitness and weigh in 6 months after your purchase.
  5. 1lb lost equals $10 in your pocket
  6. Everyone who signs up for Pay With Your Pounds is entered for the Grand Prize to win back their purchase!*

*Their purchase of a qualifying item, see promotion rules and regulations.

Customer success storiesBACK TO TOP ▲

These customers have participated in the Pay With Your Pounds promotion in past years and had great personal success! They wanted to share their stories to inspire others on their own fitness journey. 

Alyssa Young

Hi! My name is Alyssa Young. I bought a Nautilus Elliptical in February 2015. It was the best decision I've ever made for my life, my health, my self-confidence. I have two children, aged 9, and 4. They are my everything, my inspiration for starting a new healthy lifestyle. My fiancé, Levi, is my biggest support system. Without his support, I may not have made it through the last 6 months of sweat, tears and struggle. I have a love-hate relationship with my elliptical, but at the end of the day, I know it is helping me continue on this joyous path of health and well-being.

After I bought my elliptical, I started a workout routine every morning, I changed all of our family's eating habits (no more chips!), and we all started enjoying the great outdoors, being as active as we could. And that's not hard with two young boys! I started this journey of mine at 160 pounds. I was unhealthy, overweight, and not happy. As the weight started coming off, I found a newfound outlook on my life. I am smiling more, I enjoy being active, I love shopping for clothing! I have gone from a large in clothing to an extra small, I have lost an astounding 40 pounds in these short 6 months, not to mention the 16.5 inches in total on my whole body. I am the healthiest, and happiest I've ever been in my entire life.

Thank you Flaman Fitness for supplying me with this chance to better my life for myself and my family. I am forever grateful. 

Selina Elliot

It's been a very tough year after the stroke which took a significant portion of my cerebellum; the balance and vision center of the brain. What I was used to doing, I no longer could. The expectations I had of myself were no longer achievable. At least they weren't within the time frames I was accustomed to. And so I had to learn a "new normal", as my neurologist likes to say. This meant easing back into high heels, learning to work around the ever persistent headaches, careful reviews of written works, and accepting that there will be days when I am unable to even drive to the grocery store.

In learning a new way to balance my own body I have fallen down stairs, hit walls as though I were shoved, and stumbled over absolutely nothing! It's been frustrating at times for this one-time ballroom dancer. But my treadclimber has been my saving grace!

When I embraced a healthier lifestyle back in February; only 2 months after the stroke; I weighed in at 176lbs with a 39 inch waist. The numbers I will give shortly won't wow many, but I am so proud of what I have accomplished.Today I am weighing in at 167lbs and a 37inch waist! But more importantly, this week I achieved my fist goal; 40 consecutive minutes on the treadclimber @ an average speed of 1.7 with no mis-steps or stumbles! I'm actually so proud I have tears in my eyes. And to top it all off, sweat dropped off my nose so much I needed a hand towel!

I know my weight loss won't impress, but I knew I had to share this huge personal milestone. And I wanted to thank you all so much. I love my treadclimber! 

Randy Mikula

It is hard to believe that it has been about 6 months since the Flaman Fitness “Pay With Your Pounds” advertisement caught my eye.  At 60 years old, it was clear that my beer league hockey hadn’t been working as a fitness program. It was time to try something else.  Since the exercise machine options available at Flaman Fitness were clearly more economic than a gym membership, that was the obvious path to the new me. I headed down to the Flaman Fitness location on the highway with the nattily dressed dummy who works out 24/7. Being conscious of efficiency, I chose the quietest elliptical in order to continue with my TV addiction while I worked out. I thought the elliptical would be the best choice considering that my old timer’s hockey obsession had not been kind to my knees.  

Putting the machine together was straightforward and I immediately took it for a test run……after two minutes it was pretty clear I was not going to get to my 30 minute workout target. OUCH. Perseverance is the key, and although no TV shows last just 2 minutes, I was able to watch commercials while on the elliptical. Every day I put in 15 minutes no matter what, and even after only 2 weeks I knew I was feeling better. Slowly I increased the intensity, and later on just the time. After 6 months, it is 30 to 60 minutes a day. Being at home, there was never an excuse for not putting in the minutes… another benefit as opposed to the gym membership. The key for me was not high intensity, but absolutely every day getting some time in on the machine. Now if I miss a day, I really feel that something is wrong with my day.   

I feel better than I have for years, and I am really looking forward to adding to my hockey career with my new found energy. Thanks Flaman Fitness.

Rules And RegulationsBACK TO TOP ▲

  1. The promotion is running from February 1, 2018 to February 28, 2018. It is available on selected items that are new purchases only. We are unable to duplicate this promotional offer before or after these days.
  2. The promotion states that Flaman Fitness® will reimburse the participant an amount no greater than the original purchase price of the product, excluding taxes. The amount will be based on actual weight lost during a period of six (6) months from the original date of purchase. The amount reimbursed will be determined by the actual number of pounds lost during that period multiplied by $10.00.
  3. Promotion Grand Prize Draw: one promotion participant will be randomly chosen to receive a full refund of the purchase price of their qualifying equipment. The winner is still eligible for the Weight Loss Rebate in addition to the Grand Prize. The Grand Prize Draw will be made in September 2018 and the winner will be contacted and a cheque will be issued in September 2018.
  4. How to enter the Grand Prize draw: By signing up for Pay With Your Pounds, customers automatically receive one entry into the grand prize draw. Additional entries can be obtained by:
    • Sending in a 'before' photo before you start exercising to, subject line Before "Your Name"
    • Sending in an 'after' photo once you reach your goal to, subject line After "Your Name"
    • By submitting a testimonial to, subject line Testimonial "Your Name"
    • By submitting a progress photo (while you're still working out) to, subject line Progress "Your Name"
    • By buying a second item with your qualifying purchase or in the 6 month period between weigh ins
    • Through initiatives on social media
    • By signing up for the Flaman Fitness emailer
    • Any other ways as set out during the promotional period (February- August 2017)
  5. This offer is available to the participant only; this is determined by the name on the invoice. Each participant will be required to show government issued photo ID and will also be required to be weighed by Flaman Fitness® staff on the date of purchase. Weight is to be taken with no jacket, footwear or hat on. This offer is not transferable in any way. The weight will be recorded in an online form. A paper copy of this form is available upon request from the customer.
  6. There is only one participant eligible to redeem their pounds per piece of equipment. Conversely, participants can only redeem their pounds for cash on one piece of equipment.
  7. Participants will be required to weigh in at the original Flaman Fitness® location from which their purchase was made during a two (2) week period that ends six (6) months, as defined by 30 days per month or 180 days, after the original purchase date. At that time the participant’s current weight will be taken and the difference will be determined. Failure to return to the Flaman Fitness® location, of the original purchase, within that two (2) week period will result in being ineligible for the “Pay With Your Pounds” promotional reimbursement.
  8. The qualifying rebate amount will be determined based on the difference of the beginning weight measurement and the ending weight measurement. The rebate will be issued in the form of a cheque, which will be issued by the end of the first week of September.
  9. The participant is aware they may be asked to supply before and after photos and/or a written testimonial for future advertising purposes, without compensation.
  10. By signing up for this promotion, the participant acknowledges they are responsible for losing weight in a healthy and safe manner. Although Flaman Fitness® is offering an incentive for a participant’s weight loss; the participant acknowledges that Flaman Fitness® is in no way recommending any specific weight loss amount.
  11. By signing up for this promotion, the participant waives Flaman Fitness® of all liabilities associated with the risks of weight loss and exercise of participating. By signing up for this promotion, the participant acknowledges they cannot hold Flaman Fitness® responsible for any injuries, accident or death that may occur as a result of participating.
  12. Ineligibility: Pregnant women are not eligible for this promotion, as their weight cannot be accurately measured. Anyone who has undergone weight loss surgery in the six (6) months prior to their purchase is also ineligible for the promotion. As well, no weight loss surgery of any kind can be performed from the date of the original weigh in to the second weigh in six months later. Any such surgery will make you ineligible for the promotion. Flaman Fitness® staff has the right to disqualify any participant, with reasonable cause.

FAQsBack To Top ▲

Can I buy equipment online and qualify for the promotion?
You have to purchase equipment in person from a store location and physically go in to weigh-in. You can arrange for delivery at most locations though.

Can more than one person per household participate?
Each piece of qualifying equipment purchased can have one and only one participant eligible to redeem their lost pounds towards it. If you buy two pieces of qualifying equipment, two people can participate.

If I buy two pieces of qualifying equipment do I get the discount off both pieces?
A person/participant can only redeem their lost pounds for cash on one piece of equipment.

Do I have to lose weight to get money back?
Yes. Your rebate is calculated by multiplying the number of lbs lost from your initial weigh in by $10.

If I gain weight do I owe Flaman Fitness® more money?
No, if you gain weight you do not owe us money.

Can I bring my own weight scale?
Flaman Fitness® will have scales in store and to be consistent and fair to everyone we will use our scales only.

Can I just tell the salesperson how much weight I lost without getting on the scale?
Unfortunately, no you cannot just tell the salesperson your weight. To be eligible for the Pay With Your Pounds™ promotion you must allow a Flaman Fitness® salesperson to weigh you when you purchase the machine as well as six months later at the final weigh in.

What items qualify?
You can click here to see all the items that qualify for the Pay With Your Pounds™ promotion.

Is this valid at all your stores?
It is valid at participating locations. Click here to find your nearest location and contact them to inquire.

Can I weigh in at one location and at a different one at the end?
No, you must weigh in at the time of purchase and six months later at the same location.

Can I really win back the full amount of my equipment?
Flaman Fitness® will reimburse a participant up to the full amount paid, before taxes, so yes it is possible. However, it will depend on the piece of equipment you buy and how much weight you have to lose.

If I win the grand prize and win back my purchase, and I also lose weight, can I still get my rebate?
Yes! If the grand prize winner returns to the original store of purchase in the specified time (see below) and has lost weight, he or she will be eligible for the $10/lb rebate as well as winning their purchase.

What if I am unable to make the weigh in date?
To be eligible you must weigh in during the 2 week period that ends 6 months (as defined by 30 days per month or 180 days) after the date of purchase. For further clarification please contact your Flaman Fitness® location where you purchased your qualifying equipment.

How are we getting paid back (cash, in-store credit, cheque)?
A cheque will be issued to the participant in September.

What should I wear to my weigh in?
You should wear light clothes. You will not be allowed to wear a hat, jacket or shoes.

Do I really have to give you a before and after picture?
No you do not have to give before and after pictures. However, we highly encourage you to let us, or perhaps on your own, take a ‘before’ picture at your initial weigh in so when you reach your weight goals you’ll have something to look back at and see your progress. If Flaman Fitness® takes a photo of you at your initial weigh in we cannot use it until you sign a release form. If you never sign the form, we never use the picture. You can email your photos and testimonials to Please include you name in the subject line and short description of any photo.

Have a question that wasn’t answered? Ask your nearest Flaman Fitness® location.

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Click here to see all the Pay With Your Pounds qualifying equipment.