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Flaman Fitness

Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym

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The Bowflex Xtreme® 2 SE is the #1 selling Bowflex from Flaman Fitness for a reason. With no manual cable changes, the  Extreme 2 SE is easy to use - all you need is motivation to put the time in regularly. Complete with explanations and a DVD on how to use the machine, Bowflex makes it possible for anyone to achieve the sculpted and toned body they've always wanted. The Bowflex Extreme 2 SE comes complete with a lat tower, leg developer, ab crunch shoulder harness and 210 lbs of resistance that you can upgrade to 310 lbs!!

#1 For A Reason


Number of Exercises
Resistance Technology
Bowflex Power Rods
Resistance (lbs)
210 (upgradable)
Included Attachements
Squat Bar, Ab Crunch Shoulder Harness
Optional Attachments
Preacher Curl, Gym Style Ab Crunch
Footprint - Length
Footprint - Width (inches
Footprint - Height (inches)
Machine Weight (lbs)
Max User Weight (lbs)
Machine: 7 years, Power Rods: Lifetime


Not too shabby
Setup was pretty straight forward. Would have been easier if they told you all the different sized wrenches needed for the different bolts. But way easier than ikea!
This little gym does lots! It is a bit daunty to try and figure out everything it does but after watching about 45 minutes of youtube I was able to repeat all of the different seat movements, cable adjustments to get different muscle group workouts in.
I absolutely love the chest press and chest fly, as well as the ab crunch. You can do a ton of weight and it feels natural. Last pulldown is pretty good. Leg extensions is pretty good.
The standing/leaning leg curl seems awkward for my 6'2" frame. And I probably won't use it that often for squats either. It's not that I'm lazy but you do have to take the seat out and throw a bar on the cables to do squats and calf raises.
Chops and core work is also very easy. It should come with a tricep rope and a chinning triangle but I bought them separate anyway.
Probably not a good gym for a body builder but it hits all of the muscle groups I need it to. Last thing is that I used to own a weight stack gym and you pick where to set it up carefully, cuz that sucker ain't moving. I didn't realize how light the bowflex is (even though it's sturdy). If you don't like it in THAT corner, you can just slide it across the carpet to another corner. It's not 600 pounds like the other weight stack gyms.
Review by Bumper Pool / (Posted on 2021-08-13)
Good machine but hugely overpriced.
My review is based on ten years of use.
Review by Oldtimer / (Posted on 2020-05-16)
Had mine for 6 years, just need the 410 lbs upgrade now.
great workout, different from free weights, but still just as good, if not better.
Review by vinmango / (Posted on 2018-08-21)
Only works if you use it
This machine is great! And yes WE USE IT! It does everything we need for a full body workout, and is versatile enough too allow for some variations of the exercises that are displayed in the manual. The weights change easily, and so do the accessories.

The drawback of this machine is that it isn't built for every BODY, if you are tall, you can't use the seat when doing lat pull downs. If you are short, your back will be resting directly on the metal behind you if the seat is all the way down (to allow your feet to plant on the floor). Regardless that hasn't stopped either of us from using the machine almost daily for the last 8 months! Thanks FLAMAN!
Review by John C / (Posted on 2015-04-04)
Great quality
After 1 hour of having the thing completely assembled, I was amazed with the quality of the materials and the clarity of the assembly instructions! I was so impressed with the above, that in spite of my original intentions to not use it that night, I decided to go ahead and try to perform a workout. Well I worked every major muscle group, and minor groups, and maxed out the rods on just about every exercise. Then I started dis assembly in preparation for the return. As well built as this machine is, there is no way that it will even come close to providing a useful workout for me. Perhaps when I'm 70, I may consider looking at a used one?
Review by CraigM / (Posted on 2014-01-02)
Great unit; well worth the investment
Looked at numerous different units/brands, but none came close to all that the Xtreme 2 SE could do for me. Without requiring a large area of my rec room, this unit provides all that I need for a full body workout. Well built, well thought out design, and easy to use, my only regret is not getting it sooner. Great value for the money. The purchase of an additional hundred pounds of resistance was also worth it. All in all, I am VERY pleased with this unit.
Review by happy camper / (Posted on 2012-09-29)
Good machine overall
Some of the exercises are a bit awkward compared to a gym-quality machine, but this is to be expected with any 'all-in-one' type of home gym. You do still need to do little bit of cable switches (not the cable itself but what it attaches to) but it is a quick and easy process. You can complete a beginner single-set workout in 15 minutes, so anybody can work some exercise into their day. I have and will continue to recommend this machine to friends/family.
Review by Chris / (Posted on 2011-09-30)
I Almost purchased the PR 3000 and the guys at Flaman told me about the great features of the Extreme 2 So I upgraded to the it and its been great i love the Lat pull down feature! Thx for the upgrade advice...
Review by Mr. Wilson / (Posted on 2011-02-11)
Bowflex XSE
I am a hockey player looking to stay in shape, and not bulk up, I have used this machine for 3months and my wife can agree I have toned up, cutting down on the beer helped a bit to ha ha. I am a happy camper so far so good!

Review by BJ / (Posted on 2011-02-01)

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