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Blog Archive - August 2013

Trusting in the Process

Trusting in the process – it's a term my coach has used before. I like to throw my whole heart into things and I love structure in certain aspects of my life. Lately I find myself tuning into that saying for a few things.

My training is a process is always trust. My body sometimes betrays me a bit, so slowing down and thinking about trusting the process helps. This applies from tying my shoes to applying the correct balance in overhead squats.

Boot Camp Posture 101

Some individuals think chiropractics is quack work. I disagree with that opinion. The practice of aligning the spine is of paramount importance to the efficiency in which signals are transduced from our minds to our muscles. Our spine has 3 curves naturally, and any deviance from this optimal structure will interrupt the flow of information and cause other muscles to overcompensate because of this.

Finding motivation is key to working out

I bought a treadmill in January and it was sitting in my basement collecting dust. I was all gung ho when I bought it, and had this ambitious plan that I was going to work out every day on it. I found I didn't have time to use our gym at work during office hours, so if I had a treadmill in my basement, surely I would use it every day!

Well, that didn't happen. I used it off and on. But then I made a commitment to myself to get healthy, and the treadmill was going to be a big part of that.

Don't Blame Genetics For Your Body

In my last blog, among other things, I problematized the '30 Day squat challenge'. In retrospect, although I stand behind my arguments, I wish instead of simply being critical, I had argued the same points by quoting a writer's work that I admire. It is often too easy, and not constructive, to simply tear an opinion apart.

Getting Stuck In Maintenance Mode

So lately I have been super busy and sucking, and the thing is I refuse to get stuck in maintenance mode (MM)

Be the Change You Want to See

Everyone is entitled to a rough day. A rough week. A bump in the road. But it's about how you deal. Sometimes that's part of being strong – it is just a different kind of strength. I see this sometimes with my clients when they fall into a rut and I often tell them that maybe they need change. Change is good. So last week I was feeling under the weather, being female can be crappy at times. I worked hard but felt drained and unwell all week.....

Being Fit IS A Lifestyle

Old me would see fitness things come across my Instagram or Pinterest and be almost irritated...Like how dare that shit show up while I am crushing this bag of chips, what are they trying to do make me feel bad?! I seriously would scroll quicker so I didn't even have to see it. Sad I know.

9 Tips for High Performance Food on a Budget

Athletes and active individuals don't always have a lot of time or money to spend on their diet. Yet, we know that food and beverage choices have an effect on health, performance, and recovery. Whether it's a university or college student living on their own while at school or a triathlete training away from home, healthy eating CAN occur on a budget. This may mean dealing with a tight schedule and limited cooking skills, but a little preparation can go a long way and allow you to do the same.