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Blog Archive - August 2015

Take your workout to the next level with pyramid sets

The body is highly adaptive; if you always do the same workout it will stop responding. Eventually, you will hit a fitness plateau. Plus, who wants to repeat the same routine day in and day out? I know I don't. The standard "three sets of twelve to fifteen reps" is fantastic if you have been training for less than six months, you have an injury or if you are prone to injuries. If you are healthy and have a training base of six months or more, you need to mix things up if you want to continue to get stronger and see further results. Try "pyramid sets" – they are an effective yet simple way to add variety to a workout.

You're approved to workout while watching TV

You have our official approval to walk, run, or workout while watching TV - please present this item to all whom doubt you! Heck, you can even do it in your living room, bedroom, den, garage, wherever you have a TV. You can even use your PVR to record your favourite shows or use Netflix and binge on a new series. Go ahead! You're approved. Fitness is not some sacred event that requires your total concentration – it will not be spoiled by watching TV. You can even watch a show on 'how to deep fry foods' – it won't hurt you. It's OK.

Tips for Sticking To a Workout Routine

You've made an important decision and purchased an exercise machine, whether it's a treadmill, elliptical, bike or home gym. That's great! You've made the commitment to be healthy. An important thing to remember is that you need to make your workout part of your routine so you will keep to it. We all struggle with motivation and getting on that machine sometimes. Here are some tips to help you stick to your workout routine.

The smallest decisions can impact your life!

Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that really impact your life, that change everything so quick you don't even understand until after it happens. This is what happened for me. I ordered a Treadclimber and it has now changed everything! Trust me I know that sounds cliche... as I was typing it I thought 'ah really, use any other wording!' But I can't… it really has changed everything!

Don't wait to start your workout routine - start now!

Fall is about getting back to normal, back to a routine. Almost like the 'real' start of the year. School starts back up, sports and programs get rolling, and the BBQs and summer patio drinks come to an end. So I ask are you starting your fall? What kind of 'routine' do you want to get into?

How my guide dog got me back to the gym

My world is getting fuzzier. It is strange, I caught myself squinting to see the blurs. That isn't going to make a blur clearer, just habit perhaps. I had no idea how much smoother my life would be with my dog. I could write about this forever because each day is like a gift with him. I am more confident where I didn't know I had lost that.... I have begun taking my dog outside of my home gym to a different location to do machine work.

The myth of the fat burning zone

If your goal is fat loss, don't get enticed by the 'fat burning' programs on cardio machines, or the myth of the "fat burning zone."

Don't be afraid to take photos!

I love pictures, a lot. Right up there with poutines and popcorn. The love is deep for me. In high school. my bedroom walls around my bed were covered in 4x6 pictures, so it should be no surprise now I have pictures everywhere throughout my house... although I must say in my opinion they look way better than the taped on the wall look I had going before haha.

Ways to Work Out When You Don’t Want To

You know you have to work out to get healthy and reach your fitness goals. But sometimes you just don't feel motivated. Or you think you don't have the time. We can help. Do you have 5 or 10 minutes in your day?

Food Guide = Here’s the alphabet – now go read a book

A lot of food guides and nutrition labels are well intended, but they are sort of like showing a person the alphabet and then expecting them to read a book. They've forgotten the "how" portion of things. It's also like trying to learn to swim from reading a book – it leads to a lot of disasters. Or it's like saying "Win games and then you win championships." But how do you win the games?