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Blog Archive - July 2017

My Current Favourite Core Workout

I thrive workout-wise by constantly trying new “fun” workouts. I am somewhat “workout fickle,” but I am okay with that because variety keeps me interested. As I always say, “when it comes to working out, boredom is the kiss of death.” Core workouts can be particularly yawn-worthy. Front planks, crunches, bike kicks ... snore. Currently I am mixing things up with “add on” core workouts.

Stop Being Fooled by the Restaurant Salad

My current pet peeve is the restaurant salad. Too many of us are fooled into believing that just because something is called a salad it is the healthy choice. Do NOT be fooled—the salad is too often a perfect example of what I call an “unhealthy healthy” food—sneaky foods that seem healthy but that end up stealthily sabotaging progress! Unhealthy healthy foods—unlike ice cream—tend to slide under the radar and inadvertently sabotage progress.