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Blog Archive - September 2017

My 3 Favourite Protein Packed Breakfasts

Of meals that I have missed in my life, breakfast isn’t one of them. I was never one of those people who can forego the first glorious meal of the day and wait until lunch for my first chance to dig into some real food. A healthy, well-rounded breakfast helps me think clearer, focus on morning tasks, perform better when doing a workout or going for a run and does in fact keep me from eating everything in site when 11 or 12 o’clock rolls around. Given that I have such a love of breakfast I thought I would share my three favourite breakfast options.

Perfect the Pull-Up

I have a confession to make. I am not very good at pull-ups. The interesting thing is that, as a trainer, I know how to get better at pull-ups. I just never followed the steps. Having information is not the same as doing something with that information. Knowledge is only important once you are ready to not just “wish” a change into existence, but to form a goal and take the steps to set yourself up for success.

I think I am ready to — at least think about — attempt to “perfect the pull-up.” Are you? Here are 4 steps to perfect your pull-up.

Stealthily Sneak Stretching Into Your Day

Every activity program should include the three pillars of fitness: cardiovascular fitness, strength, and mobility.

Many of us — myself included — prioritize the cardiovascular and/or strength pillars. I prioritize running — mostly because it makes me feel like a million bucks — and too often I sacrifice stretching, mobility, and foam rolling. Recently I decided that pattern has to be rectified.

My solution? Stealthily sneaking mobility and stretching into my day. Here's how...