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Blog Archive - February 2020

The Ultimate Test of Strength: Bowflex Power Rod Technology takes on Weight Stacks and Plate-loaded Machines.

Bowflex Power Rods vs. plate-loaded machines vs. weight stacks. Each makes a strong case for being your resistance-based strength-training choice. Which one should you pull for? Here's how these heavyweight home gym contenders weigh in.

Impressive but Not Imposing: How Bowflex SelectTech Saves You Time, Space, Money and More

Bowflex SelectTech technology allows you to save time, space and money by replacing several workout weights with one or two selectorized units that allow you to dial in the amount of weight you want to lift. Here's how it makes even an active life easier.

Watch Your Stepper: What to Look for When Deciding Between the Bowflex Max Trainer M6 and the M8

At first glance, the differences between the Bowflex Max Trainer M6 and the Bowflex M8 can be hard to spot. If you’re set on bringing a Max Trainer home, there are some key differences that should weigh into your buying decision.