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Take These Steps to Spice Up Your Treadmill Workout

Not every treadmill comes with motivational training apps and access to entertainment. So how do you keep running in place from feeling like work? Here are some tips for making your treadmill workouts more fun, even without the bells and whistles.

Superset Pretenders or the Real Deal?

What is a true superset? Fitness purists say only one type of intense two-exercise combo qualifies. Other experts embrace a broader definition. Which of these candidates do you think deserves the super distinction?

Supersets: No Rest for the Wickedly Strong

What is a superset exactly? Although some observe a precise definition, a superset generally involves taking minimal rest between two sets of different exercises. Here’s how that works and how it could benefit your strength training.

Be a Better Sledder. Take Care Taking to the Trails.

Snowmobiling can be a healthy hobby for your mind, body and friendships. Respecting safety, nature and rules can keep the trails open to you for years to come.

Winter Tune-up: The Health Benefits of Snowmobiling

Snowmobiling can be a great workout. Here’s how all that outdoor leaning, kneeling, pushing, loading, and unloading can strengthen your body and mind.

Winterplay: Finding Fun, Fitness and Freedom in the Snow Part 4 - Fun!

Part 4: Fun! The exercise and enjoyment of outdoor winter frolics do more than make you feel younger. They can actually add quality years to your life.

Winterplay: Finding Fun, Fitness and Freedom in the Snow Part 3 - Safety

Part 3: Safety. Snow, cold, ice and less daylight may make winter activity hazardous, but these tips keep its benefits within safe reach.

Winterplay: Finding Fun, Fitness and Freedom in the Snow Part 2 - Benefits

Part 2: Benefits. Discover the scientifically proven rewards of getting outdoors this winter. Whether you’re on a leisurely nature walk or a serious run, you’ll do yourself plenty of good.

Winterplay: Finding Fun, Fitness and Freedom in the Snow Part 1 - Appreciation

Part 1: Appreciation. Dread of winter can imprison us in our own homes for months, spurring many mental and physical ailments. See how citizens of other cold climate countries are breaking out and escaping the winter blues.

Should I add specialty equipment to my home gym?

Many experts would quickly say “NO.” Specialty products could be anything from gimmicky “as seen on TV” products to high-quality attachments that have one specific purpose.