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Should I add specialty equipment to my home gym?

Many experts would quickly say “NO.” Specialty products could be anything from gimmicky “as seen on TV” products to high-quality attachments that have one specific purpose.

Why Bowflex 2080 Bars Are Worth Their Adjustable Weight.

Launched at the height of the COVID pandemic, the Bowflex 2080 Barbell with Curl Bar was ideally suited to housebound workouts. Here's why it's still a popular choice as lockdowns end.

Build Your Home Gym Around Your Fitness Goals

Starting a home gym? Consider where you want to finish. Here are some tips on how to build a home gym around your fitness goals. Learn how to select equipment that meets your workout needs while avoiding common mistakes that impede your exercise progress and drain your bank account.

Choosing the Home Gym Space that Motivates You to Exercise.

The room you exercise in can have a huge impact on the quality of your workout. Here’s how you can create a home gym that makes fitness inviting, pleasant, and productive.

The PFX FT Max Functional Trainer: So Versatile, It’s Scary.

The Progression PFX FT Max might look imposing, but it’s built to make doing the things you love a lot easier and much more comfortable. Here's the part-by-part rundown of how it can give you the strength, power, and endurance to enjoy your life.

Coming to Terms: Pump Up Your Fitness Literacy

Fitness jargon can make some of us feel like exercise outsiders. But understanding these terms could be the key to finding the workout plan that keeps you safe, motivated, and on the fast track to your goals.

That Next Step’s a Doozy: How the Bowflex M9 Stacks Up against the M6 and M8.

Which Bowflex Max Trainer belongs in your home? This head-to-head-to-head shows how the M6 and M8 keep giving the exciting new M9 an enjoyable run for your money.

Smooth Run. Tough Choice: Bowflex Treadmill 7, 10 or 22?

Bowflex recently released three great treadmills and created one tough choice. Here are the similarities and differences that can help you decide if the Bowflex Treadmill 7, 10 or 22 is the right one for you.

The Xebex Strength-Training Line Flexes Its Muscle.

Xebex has made a name for itself providing competition-level cross-training HIIT products, but its strength-training line, including power cages, squat racks, wall-mounted racks, benches and storage racks, is likewise built to impress.

The Proof Is in the Pedalling: Six Online Reviewers Deliver a Schwinn IC4 Bike-Build Report Card.

Does the Schwinn IC4 live up to it's promise? Here's what six online reviewers had to say about this bike's top promoted features - and then some.