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Nutrition Nutrition

Tips on healthy eating, recipes and helpful info about your food.

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Get the latest fitness and health news and see why it matters to you.

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Read about inspiring weight loss journeys and people striving to achieve their fitness goals.

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Read reviews, plus see how you can best use your equipment to reach your goals.

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Click here for various workouts, fitness tips and motivation.

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Here we explore a variety of fitness topics and sort out the good from the bad information.

Latest Blog Posts

My Current Favourite Core Workout

I thrive workout-wise by constantly trying new “fun” workouts. I am somewhat “workout fickle,” but I am okay with that because variety keeps me interested. As I always say, “when it comes to working out, boredom is the kiss of death.” Core workouts can be particularly yawn-worthy. Front planks, crunches, bike kicks ... snore. Currently I am mixing things up with “add on” core workouts.

Stop Being Fooled by the Restaurant Salad

My current pet peeve is the restaurant salad. Too many of us are fooled into believing that just because something is called a salad it is the healthy choice. Do NOT be fooled—the salad is too often a perfect example of what I call an “unhealthy healthy” food—sneaky foods that seem healthy but that end up stealthily sabotaging progress! Unhealthy healthy foods—unlike ice cream—tend to slide under the radar and inadvertently sabotage progress.

8 Steps to Stay Healthy on Your Next Flight

Flying is hard on the body; the food is usually fairly nutritionally vapid, the air quality leaves much to be desired, and sitting in the downright uncomfortable chairs is almost unbearable. Plus, traveling disrupts healthy habits -- which, for most of us, are hard to form and oh so easy to break. The trick is -- as with everything to do with health -- to always brainstorm possible solutions in advance, come up with a plan of action, cultivate mindfulness and own your choices. Instead of looking for excuses, look for solutions!

4 Ways to Use a Medicine Ball

I love using medicine balls. Well, really, I like playing with all fitness toys — variety is key when it comes to keeping a workout fun and challenging. Medicine balls are a particular favourite “toy” because they are extremely versatile — they can replace dumbbells, make traditional exercises more dynamic, allow for partner fun, and add a balance challenge.

Tips for Sticking to your Workout Routine

An important thing to remember is that you need to make your workout part of your routine so you will keep to it. We all struggle with motivation and getting on that machine sometimes. Here are some tips to help you stick to your workout routine.

Cycle Your Way to Improved Health

Cycling is an excellent non-impact and often convenient way to improve cardiovascular health, leg strength, and balance. But, cycling can wreak havoc on your posture and mobility. Why? Cycling involves sitting, and usually a fair amount of bending forward, which can create stiffness in the hips and back and promote bad posture. To counteract the strain of sitting on the bike (since sitting is something most of us do way too much of already), prioritize flexibility exercises that mobilize the hips and chest, and strength exercises that strengthen the upper back and core. Read more tips here to cycle your way to improved health!

Boost your fitness routine with 5 fun training styles

The summer weather has arrived - yeah! Since sunshine makes everything seem more manageable - including being active - now is the perfect time to try something NEW! When it comes to working out, boredom is the kiss of death. It is hard enough to make yourself train at the best of times - and almost impossible when you feel like yawning!

Plus, if you can do your routine in your sleep, you have most likely hit a training plateau. Meaning, you’re no longer seeing results. The solution? Surprise your body with something new!

4 Ways to Avoid Golf Injuries

The sunshine — and thus golf season — has FINALLY arrived! There is nothing better for one’s mood than doing a beloved form of exercise in the sun; the combo offers a double dose of mood-boosting hormones. Plus, doing something you love is always energizing, motivating, and fun.

The only all-too-common possible negative of the season? Golf-induced injuries! The good news is that injuries are not inevitable; you just need to follow the tips below to stay injury free!

When you fall off your fitness horse, get back on a more informed rider

Falling is not only normal - we are all human - but when managed it can actually be a positive!

I fall - and I am proud of it! In fact, I usually tell my clients all about my falls - so both of us can learn and grow through my experiences. For example, I used to buy a box of fudge ice-cream treats each week or so. At the store I would say “I will only have one every few days.” False. By the end of the night I had usually consumed all of them. So, now I know. I cannot have fudge bars in the house. I set myself up for success - I buy a box and leave them at my mom’s. When I want one I go and visit her. This is a win/win - I get to see her and have a yummy treat.

All experiences are opportunities for growth and learning. To paraphrase Brené Brown, a woman I respect immensely, the only people who don’t fall are the ones not stepping into the arena of life.

​Make healthy choices convenient and unhealthy choices utterly inconvenient

Consistency is paramount when working toward any health goal; abstaining from cake only one time will not shed stubborn pounds. To lose weight, lower your blood pressure, improve energy or decrease anxiety, you need to change your preferences — your daily habits — so that more often than not you are making healthy choices. You need to be consistently healthier. It may sound obvious, but consistency falls into the life category of “simple, but not easy.”