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Nutrition Nutrition

Tips on healthy eating, recipes and helpful info about your food.

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Get the latest fitness and health news and see why it matters to you.

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Read about inspiring weight loss journeys and people striving to achieve their fitness goals.

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Read reviews, plus see how you can best use your equipment to reach your goals.

Exercising Exercising

Click here for various workouts, fitness tips and motivation.

Perspectives Perspectives

Here we explore a variety of fitness topics and sort out the good from the bad information.

Latest Blog Posts

Don't want to count calories? Then balance your plate.

A balanced plate (and diet) can go a long way in helping you achieve your weight-loss or health-related goals. But what does a balance plate look like? Do you know how much carbs, protein, veggies and healthy fats you should have on your plate? And if you do have an idea, how do you measure that without looking like a food-obsessed freak?!

Simple (but effective) 20 minute do anywhere workout

If getting out of your house and to the gym is a major challenge, make it easier by having some fitness gear at home and a few go-to workouts that you can do with limited space and time. Today I am sharing a simple circuit that will help challenge your cardiovascular system, assist in improving your strength and leave you sweaty in 20 minutes or less! For this circuit you will need 2 sets of dumbbells.

The amazing Sprint 8 workout

Have you ever heard of Sprint 8? Well, let me tell you, it's an amazing, efficient, fat-burning HIIT workoutcardio workout that will kick your butt and motivate you to keep going. And it only takes 20 minutes. It's featured exclusively on Matrix Fitness cardio products. Let me tell you a bit more about it and its benefits.

Fun Treadmill Workouts for Every Fitness Level

This blog is the first of a series of “How to use X” columns. In each I will outline how to use a different piece of equipment - this first post is about the treadmill. We'll look at the two basic types of cardiovascular workouts: “steady-state workouts” and “intervals.” Read more for workouts you can do at home with your treadmill.

Trying to Change Your Lifestyle? Pinpoint Your Linchpin and BNB Habits!

Instead of spending max effort attempting to alter habits that won’t drastically change your health status - how frustrating and demoralizing - pinpoint your linchpin and BNB (biggest negative bang) habits. The more an eating regimen disrupts your current linchpin and BNB habits, the more impact the change will have.

5 Tips to progress from a kneeling to real pushup

Do you feel like you're not good at push ups, or can't do them? I say you can! With the correct exercises and proper form, I promise you that if you focus on it, you CAN do push ups, and do them well. Just think about how great you’ll feel when you can finally knock out a set of 10 perfect push ups! Here are my top 5 tips to progress from push ups from your knees to full blown proper push ups.

3 Crucial Things Needed for Weight Loss

Ok, so you want to lose a few pounds, feel better, have your clothes fit more comfortably and maybe move around a little easier (like going up a flight of stairs without running out of breath or being able to run for the bus if needed). I am a firm believer that living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to be so difficult. Small changes over time, done repetitively, will lead to huge results. However, there are 3 key things that you need to do to lose the weight, keep it off and live a healthier life.

Meditation is not that scary... I promise

There is a common, often fear-based, misconception that you have to be a particular “type” of person to meditate; if "I got a dime" every time someone said something like, "I can’t get my mind to shut up — I would be the worst at meditation." If you can hear yourself uttering such words, run — don’t walk — towards a meditation practice. Typically, the more impossible meditation feels, the greater the body’s need.

My 3 Favourite Protein Packed Breakfasts

Of meals that I have missed in my life, breakfast isn’t one of them. I was never one of those people who can forego the first glorious meal of the day and wait until lunch for my first chance to dig into some real food. A healthy, well-rounded breakfast helps me think clearer, focus on morning tasks, perform better when doing a workout or going for a run and does in fact keep me from eating everything in site when 11 or 12 o’clock rolls around. Given that I have such a love of breakfast I thought I would share my three favourite breakfast options.

Perfect the Pull-Up

I have a confession to make. I am not very good at pull-ups. The interesting thing is that, as a trainer, I know how to get better at pull-ups. I just never followed the steps. Having information is not the same as doing something with that information. Knowledge is only important once you are ready to not just “wish” a change into existence, but to form a goal and take the steps to set yourself up for success.

I think I am ready to — at least think about — attempt to “perfect the pull-up.” Are you? Here are 4 steps to perfect your pull-up.