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Amazing Day at TSC

Well it came and went, and as always the day was crazy amazing at TSC.

My first show was at 6:00 am our time and I had a new host I hadn't had before and a new model. That first 10 minutes on air I am always most nervous.

They don't usually say much, mostly just what camera to look at, but I do wear an ear piece that literally ALWAYS falls out and sometimes as its falling out I get nervous and flustered so by the last show I just asked to not wear it.

The hosts and everyone at TSC really are so sweet and just supportive and really make me feel comfortable.

I will never get over how awkward I feel when I'm on air, or how many times I am saying 'absolutely' or the weird hand grasp thing I do with my hands. But truth being told it is all still fun because I get to share my story with so many people. And each of those people who ordered a machine because of something I may have said - that is just beyond special.

All the love and support throughout the day from my friends and family sends me is more meaningful then I can even put into words. I wouldn't be able to do this without them! Because really I am just a mom who loved this machine and wants people to know that if I can, they can do and these trips are just so special to me.

So if you ordered a machine and decided to invest in yourself and make the change, and start. I'm proud of you. Loosing weight is hard, and it's not always fun. But you can do this!!

So here's to an amazing week!