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Life in the Fast Pitch Lane

Guest blog by Callie Tweedie, Graphic Designer for the Flaman Group of Companies (the parent company to Flaman Fitness)

Summer is a busy season for almost everyone, for me it means spending an average of 5 nights a week on the diamond. I laced my first pair of cleats at the age of five and I haven't looked back. Softball is a sport predominately played by women; it's a popular summer past time and has many health and fitness benefits.

I enjoy softball for the fact it's a sport that provides total body conditioning. It requires multiple skills like running, fielding, swinging and throwing which all require a coordinated effort from many different muscles all while providing a great work out. The arm and shoulder muscles and the oblique muscles on the sides of the abdomen play a significant role in the swinging and throwing motions. The rotator cups, biceps, triceps forearms, deltoids are central muscles for being able to swing and throw with power. Like many sports flexibility in softball is also important so the risk of injury is minimized. The average softball player burns 384 calories per hour of play which for me doesn't even feel like work when I enjoy it so much.

Exercise, along with proper nutrition, plays a vital role in maintaining your overall health. Getting involved with softball at a young age helped me make exercise a part of my lifestyle and has increased my chance of a being a healthier adult. I have now played softball for 21 years and I have no plans to retire anytime soon.