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Originally used to harness animal power?

Treadmills have been around for a long time, since 1875 to be exact! But they weren't built for humans initially. They were built for animals to harness their power to use for butter churns, spinning wheels, or water pumps. There were even big treadmills ran by horses for farming equipment.

It wasn't until the 50's when humans started to use treadmills for fitness. When people started using them for heart health and for weight loss, that's when it took off as something for all to use.

The benefits of using a treadmill are immense, they are great for helping you lose weight, increase lung capacity, combat depression and of course to improve heart health. They can be used in any season and now the treadmills have softer decks and great features to help you maintain and reach towards the fitness goals that you have.

Treadmills are the one piece of fitness equipment that has survived all the fitness fads, and they have evolved with the times. Now you can get a treadmill where you can map out almost anywhere in the world you would like to run and the treadmill will take you there on the screen. You can also compete: you can run with someone in Japan if you like. Of course the best thing about treadmills these days is that they rarely breakdown, so you will never miss your workout.

In my professional opinion, treadmills are the most important piece of equipment anyone can own. They are the most popular piece of cardiovacular equipment for a reason. Good cardiovascular health will help you live longer and it will also improve your quality of life.

Happy running and walking everyone !