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Turn that frown into fitness

Life is great until it sucks .. Or you could say Life isucks until its Great!

When life gets me down I look to turn it around as soon as I can the one way I know how is through fitness .... When people have trouble with life events it can send the body into a state of anxiety. You normally feel this way from lack of control, because if you could, you would have no fear or anxiety surrounding it!

One way to control your feelings surrounding a feeling of anxiety or disparage is to workout!

If you are capable of working out then you should. That is a blanket statement but in this context its very important - as your connection from your body to your mind is strong!!

When you make your body feel good from moving (as it was meant to do and craves!), it will set your mind right.

Without siting a million different studies, it has been proven time and time again that vigorous exercise helps elevate your positive thought which in turn will reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.

But the only way one could really KNOW that is if they went through it ... I did and exercise saved my life as at one point I was feeling so depressed and lost that I didn't see a reason for my existence but I started running and teaching spin classes. This helped me reduce the feelings for hours.

I then realized that I wanted to help people find this source of greatness (working out). So now thats what I do . . . I help people find happiness through a great workout day and day out. Through this work I have found purpose, which in turn has eliminated my depression and I can see the light through every tunnel, especially if I'm running through the tunnel.