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Vegetarian starts eating meat again, takes 40-minutes off her triathlon bike time

Canada's fitness information leaderKathleen Trotter – took 40 minutes off her triathlon bike time when she started eating meat, after being a vegetarian for 18-years. So, she was already in great shape to complete a triathlon, then eating meat gave her an extra boost.

Kathleen revealed this during a CTV Morning Live Atlantic interview on February 1st.

Kathleen often states "knowledge is power" and during the interview she passed along that "protein is the building block of muscle."

On a side note, the more muscle you carry the more calories you burn while doing nothing.

Back to the interview.

Kathleen stated that when trying to lose weight it can be helpful to pick protein sources that are nutrient dense, are a complete protein, and come at a low caloric cost. Beef is a great nutrient dense and unprocessed option. During the interview she demonstrated that you only need to consume 180 calories of beef to get the same amount of protein as you would from 550 calories of humus, or 700 calories of peanut butter, black beans, or even quinoa (pronounced keen-wah).

Another way of looking at that would be, to get the same amount of protein, you need only eat a fraction of the calories by consuming beef. Think of it as the "caloric cost" of the protein your are acquiring.

Kathleen also noted that the sugar craving you may get at 3:00 pm, may be due to a lack of protein at lunch.

And, if all the details is confusing, just remember that a seasoned triathlete took 40-minutes off her bike time when she started eating meat after being a vegetarian for 18-years.

If you want to learn more, go to #beefadvantage or here